URSAI - from Prototype to Finished Product

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It starts with an inquiry . . . 

At AATCSC, we build limited production, manufactured solutions tailored to client specifications.  Sometimes, we get to "productize" the result.  Such is the case with the AATCOMM URSAI - Universal Speaker/Amplifier Interface.

First steps:  Assess the need; determine the scope of work; establish a budget.

Next: We obtain a commitment to build a prototype solution.

A prototype or pilot product may start with a limited-production run that will resemble the final product in form-factor and appearance.

For smaller, less sophisticated products, we may create a hand-built, hand-wired solution, fully functional and adequate to demonstrate proof of concept, but ultimately unsuited for production in initial form.


The engineering mock-up depicted below represents a proof-of-concept version of what will become the URSAI product, crude in appearance perhaps, but 100% functional.


Once accepted by the client, the final design-work begins.  Electronically, the finished product is very similar to the engineering prototype, however; the material and techniques employed are state-of-the-art, including RoHS compliant multi-layer circuit boards using SMD - surface-mount devices and high-quality wiring harnesses.

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