AATCOMM URSAI - Universal Radio Speaker/Amplifier Interface

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New! for 2017 - Compatibility update for Motorola APX Radios

One vehicle radio, multiple speakers, balanced audio levels . . .

Designed and built with the public safety radio system market in mind, the AATCOMM URSAI interfaces with the auxiliary audio output of a communications radio transceiver and provides up to four (4) discreet and individually adjustable and configurable outputs, each capable of driving a variety of types of in-vehicle and/or outdoor amplified (power) speakers.

Why would anyone need such a device?

1 - When one employs more than one type of amplified speaker and not all speakers are compatible with the radio, one has a challenge to overcome.  For example, amplified speakers may require balanced or unbalanced inputs or may be DC coupled, using opto-isolators or simply when speakers of a similar type require different audio input (driving) levels,  URSAI resolves each of these challenges.

2 - In large vehicles where there may be a speaker up front in the driver's compartment, one or more speakers in the crew cab compartment and one or more outside speakers located in external work areas such as a pump vehicle (engine) control point or ladder, tower or bucket vehicle operator position, and where the volume controls on the radio and on the individual speakers interact in a way that produces unpredictable results,  URSAI solves the problem.

3 - When a radio system (Motorola XTL series, for example,) has ungated audio present on the auxiliary receive-audio connector; the output is unsuitable to drive an amplified speaker.  URSAI gates the output and matches the radio to the amplified speaker.

The URSAI is designed to plug into the radio's auxiliary connector and provide outputs to drive up to four (4) amplified speakers, whether DC opto-coupled, as in the case of the Motorola HSN 4035C Power Speaker, or with any speaker system that accepts either a 600 Ohm balanced or unbalanced input.

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URSAI for Motorola Astro/Spectra

URSAI for Motorola XTL series

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URSAI from Prototype to Production Product

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