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Our Mission:

To meet the communications systems and security infrastructure needs of government and private sector clients . . . and to develop new business relationships through exemplary performance - providing professional design and planning, outstanding equipment selection and after-sale support services - on time - and within budget.

 Products and Services

AATCSC's roots date back to the early 1950s when AAT Service Company began providing repair and maintenance services for radio communications systems used by the NYPD and FDNY  . . . and for marine navigation systems including early commercial radar used aboard The Staten Island Ferry.  See "About Us" to learn more about our past, present and future.

Today, AATCSC designs, builds, specifies, sells, integrates and provides long-term support for leading communications and security products:

Communications Recording Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

SCADA - data acquisition, monitoring and control systems

Integration/interfacing solutions - hardware and firmware-driven products designed to client specification

Marine Communications and Navigation Systems

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AATCSC manufactures AATCOMM TCRS Tactical Communications Recording Systems.  We specialize in system integration projects which marry COTS - commercial-off-the-shelf products to the client environment, often utilizing hardware and software solutions engineered and built by AATCSC.

What's New?

Magnasync Genesis

Starting in June of 2009,  AATCSC began providing exclusive support services for the Magnasync Genesis family of communications recording system products.  Magnasync ceased manufacturing the Genesis product line in August of 2008 and ended all business operations on May 31, 2009.  In the past year, AAT has added many new and satisfied clients - clients pleased to experience an unbroken chain of product support!

For more information and support, please click on the link below:

Magnasync Genesis Support

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New York City Department of Transportation awards AATCSC the "RAMS" Project

In early 2009, the Staten Island Ferry, an agency of NYC-DOT sought proposals to design, build, install and maintain a ferry vessel status monitoring system for use when the vessels are berthed or "tied up" at the end of a shift.

RAMS - an acronym for Remote Alarm Monitoring System - monitors such parameters as intrusion, video surveillance system operational status, bilge water levels, fire alarm status, shore power voltage and frequency, boiler status, auxiliary generator set operation, among other conditions.  The design incorporates secure wireless technology with supervised communications and the ability to monitor remote locations via establishment of an ad hoc VPN. 

AATCSC is licensed by the State of New York Department of State for alarm installation, including burglar, fire, security surveillance and access control systems - 12000278855 and 12000276998.


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